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Team Class Coaching project (ClassTHIFA)

Project number: 

- A tool for educators to facilitate the classroom into a successful team

The higher education sector, one of the most important in Europe, now more than ever, needs qualified academician to equip youngsters, who will be the future workforce, with the right mix of skills.

In this context, the Class THIFA project will develop the coaching tools necessary for skills enhancement, targeted at higher education to enhance knowledge transfer and effective learning, transforming classes to teams using cognitive behavioural tools and the five senses. 

R01 -A beyond state of the art coaching methodology 

The aim of RO1, beyond-state-of-the-art report, is to conduct the desk and field research and to design the coaching methodology

R02- Trainer’s Handbook

The main aim of this result is to create training material based on the coaching methodology, as well as a book of lectures related to team class coaching in higher education

RO3 - MOOC development

The Class THIFA coaching method will be made available through a MOOC,  aimed at teachers and professors in higher education

RO4 - Practice Result research

Control group testing of converting a "classroom" to a "team"  done by participating universities and on site testing in Turkey.


Activities and Objectives


A set of implementation activities will materialise the project objectives, supported by preparation, management, quality and dissemination.

Through a needs analysis and a state-of-the-art desk research, the class THIFA coaching material will be developed. This coaching material forms the basis of a training handbook and a MOOC-course that will be created with the aim to enhance skills and knowledge transfer for effective learning in higher education. 

Finally, the method will then be scientifically validated towards a control group and tested on site in Turkey.

We will implement the above mentioned activities over a period of 30 months. 


  • Provide a tool for educators to facilitate communication skills within the classroom

  • Minimise communication problems within higher education and improve the level of efficiency

  • Support the transition from classes to teams

  • Create a coaching platform that will build an inclusive and connected system

Lärare hjälpa en student

With a coaching methodology based on cognitive tools and the five senses, Class THIFA aims to help educators create a TEAM in the class where the participants can learn more effectively



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For questions, please contact project manager Sussi Mikaelsson (

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